Are your a regular traveler? Use these apps for hotels, travel bookings, translation, flights, maps, currency exchange, cabs.

Google Translate

This is one of the most popular translation apps around, and can help you get around an... Top Use: Translations Device: iOS / Android


This app builds a master itinerary for you based off your confirmation emails, text, an... Top Use: Travel planner Device: iOS / Android


The company lets people list their homes or apartments for people to stay in, and gives... Top Use: Accomodation Device: iOS / Android


Get to where you need to go with walking directions, public transportation routes, bus ... Top Use: Transport planner Device: iOS / Android

Hotel Tonight

Find the best last-minute deals with this app, and search by location, attraction, or u... Top Use: Accomodation Device: iOS / Android

XE Currency

With over 50 million downloads, this app is a top one for real-time currency checking a... Top Use: Currency calculator Device: iOS / Android


This app helps you pack stress-free by letting you know what you need depending on the ... Top Use: Packing Device: iOS / Android


This extremely popular car ride service picks you up and takes you where you need to go... Top Use: Transportation Device: iOS / Android

Google Trips

Use the app to get activity suggestions and customizable day plans for your trip, and e... Top Use: Travel planner Device: iOS / Android